• Test application development for GenRad 228x and Teradyne TestStation.
  • On-site installations and remote support.
  • Turn-key ICT development for GenRad 228x, Teradyne TestStation and Z1800, HP3070, SPEA, JET MDA and TRI MDA.
  • Flash programming, micro-controller loading, allocation and tracking for MAC, GUID and serial through server-client services.
  • IIC, 1-wire, i-button, DAC, ADC, DDR, DDR2, ASIC, ISP, JTAG boundary scan, GPIB and IBM LSSD.
  • GenCAD to GenRAD translation.
  • TDM LEDVisionTM - The software based LED sensor.


●      Wired ICT test fixtures:

  • Teradyne: 8x10/18x0, Spectrum, Test Station LH, GR 2270/71, GR 228x and 2287L.
  • Agilent: 3070 full and half bank.
  • SPEA and TRI.

●      Wireless ICT test fixtures:

  • Teradyne: Test Station LH, GR 228x and 2287L.
  • Agilent: 3070 full and half bank.

●      ICT panels up to 24” x 30” and 16 layers.

●      Strain gauge testing and FEA Finite Element Analysis.




●      Functional fixtures for diverse applications.  Dedicated connectors, load boxes, Virginia panel/MAC panel interfaces.

●      Part lists and spare parts available.


●      Diverse Customer Base: GTS services Fortune 500 companies in industries such as computer, telecom, automotive, transportation, and military.  GTS also builds test equipment for all the major electronic contract manufacturers all over the world.


●      Worldwide Reach: Solutions provider to customers in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Hungary, Singapore, Korea, and China.

●      Alliances.